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These links are for you to find quick and pertinent information regarding naming and sustainability issues.

Fish Base - A scientist based community web site which details fish species in all their names, forms and shapes - very informative.
FDA Market Name List
- The FDA Market Name List - where you can find the legal name for a particular species you are trading in
Monterrey Bay Aquarium - Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program is a world renowned watch ddog for seafood sustainability. Click here to see whuich species you might buy that are considered to be in trouble.
- The NMFS provides a great anlalysis of all domestic commercial fisheries. Click here to review a species you are interested in learning about their sustainable status.
Saving Seafood
- A great site for all things involving Government and Seafood - a great link to a solid website full of information.
Blue Ocean Institute Seafood Guide - Blue Ocean Institute seafood program helps consumers discover the connection between a healthy ocean, fishing, and seafood.
Ocean Trust - Ocean Trust is an award-winning ocean conservation foundation building science, conservation and industry partnerships for the sustainability of the oceans. Ocean Trust has a solid track record in building fishery, wildlife and marine conservation partnerships across diverse interests in the public and private sector achieving many significant milestones and receiving six national awards for its work: Environmental Defense Fund Seafood - The EDF works with Troubled Fisheries to help end decades of Overfishing by thinking differently about how to solve environmental problems, reaching across disciplines and diverse groups of people.

Food Safety
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Below are the various oversight Agencies repsonsible for food saefty in the Seafood World. While not an exclusive list, the links here all come to the profish Warehouse on a reglaur basis to ensure your seafood is fresh, safe and handled appropriately.

- Government Agency charged with overseeing food safety issues and processing plant inspections
- The NOAA Seafood Inspection Program offers a fee based inspection service that assures compliance with all applicable food regulations - OceanPro Industries has been a voluntary participant of this program since its inception!
Cook and Thurber Inspections - Private food inspection company specializes in food safety compliance orientated programs.

Environmental Defense Fund
- Founded in 1967, the Environmental Defense Fund tries to tackle the most serious environmental issues by using sound science, economic incentives, corporate partnerships with a focus on getting the law right!

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There are three Commissions established whose members are appointed by the individual states over whose jurisdiction the Commission monitors. Each commission is responsible for a region and coordinates Fisheries management plan implementation, scientific study, and law enforcement.

ASMFC - Atlantic States Fisheries Marine Fisheries - plans for all species caught in the 15 Atlantic States - Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. GSMFC - Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission is responsible for the management of the Gulf Of Mexico waters and the states with boundaries on the Gulf of Mexico. This would include Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida PSMFC - Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission is responsible for the management of the Pacific Water States including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California

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These links are great places to do research on different fishing or harvesting methods.

JP Shellfishh - A great harvested of all shellfish - JP Shellfish's website is a great detailer of where and how specific shellfish is harvested from. A great profish partner and a clean supplier!

Maine Aquaculture Association
- Known as aworld leader in developing new sustainable aquaculture procedures - this website is agreat sorce of information about the many befits of Aquaculture products!

Pangea Shellfish
- A great source of shellfish for OceanPro Industries and a great website for information about all the different oysters available.
East Coast Shellfish Growers Association - This is a good site to learn about how Shellfish growing is becoming more and more of a big business. This site details regulations, resources, and cutting edge technologies

Sustainable Partners
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Click on the links to these vendors who supply profish and see why Profish considers them to be our Sustainable partners! - Selected for their company positions and more importantly actions, these companies are great partners for profish!

- A great ProFish Partner who specializes in artesian seafood producers who use environmentally sound practices and harvest species that are determined to be sustainable
Marine Stewardship Council
- A third party certification company who focuses on fisheries management at the source. Profish is proud to be part of this chain with specific products - like Chilean Sea Bass.
Local Abundance
- Local Abundance provides education for people to establish fundamental principles of sustainability with regards to sourcing of their seafood purchasing.
Oyster Recovery Partnership
- Restoring Our Oyster. Cleaning Our Bay. Preserving Our Future. This is the mission of the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) engage in numerous Chesapeake Bay-related projects by conducting science-based "in-the-water" and "on-the-land" recovery efforts, while conducting public outreach and education in our quest to protect our environment, our heritage, and our knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay, its marshes and rivers, and the life that it sustains

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Councils are responsible for developing the actual Fisheries Management Plan. Plans include evaluating how to best manage a species with each of the eight regional Management Councils comprised of state representatives and Federally appointed Scientists. The Councils evaluate species and prepare a long-term species management plan for each species within their territory. All species whose migrations habits exceed the boundaries of these councils will be managed under the Migratory Fish council associated with their species

NEFMC - New England Fisheries Management CouncilSAFMC - South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council MAFMC - MAFMC
NPFMC - North Pacific Fisheries Management Council GMFMC - Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council PFMC - Pacific Fisheries Management Council
WPFMC - Western Pacific Fisheries Management Council CFMC - Caribbean Fisheries Management Council

International Management
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Species which have international overlap for life cycles must work in cohesion to ensure that species are administered and harvested in a sustainable method. Here arre some of the organizations address these concerns.

ICCAT - ICCAT is the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna. It's charge to manage the Atlantic waters for Tunas and similar migratory species - like Sword, King Mackeral and Mahi Mahi whose reproodcution and life habits cause them to need managment through international waters. United Nations - Governance of fisheries management for all member nations throughout the world - this website has great broad information about countries and methods of protecting the various species. IATTC - The IATTC is the responsible for the conservation and management of Tuna and other migratory fish in the Eastern Pacific Waters. Countries involved range from China to Canada to Columbia, SA
IOTC - IOTC is another international commission to manage Tuna and Tuna like migratory species. Its principle area of management is the Indian OceanConvention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Speices - The Southern Ocean surrounds the continent of Antarctica and is clearly delimited by the Antarctic Convergence (or Polar Front) and the Southern Ocean is therefore substantially a closed ecosystem. This International Commission is charged with managing the marine resources

Fisheries Management
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There are three primary areas of Fisheries Management. In 1957, The Unites States Congress chartered three Commissions, made of the states whose shared borders on coastal oceans, to be a deliberative body to coordinate the management of the near shore fisheries. The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (see below) is the primary law governing marine fisheries management in United States federal waters. To manage the fisheries and promote conservation, the Act created eight regional fishery management councils. In addition the United States is a member of several International Bodies whose managerial jurisdiction resides over highly international migrating marine species. See the links below for a direct connection to each of these commissions, councils or bodies

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act -