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  • Halibut, Filet

    Halibut is a very mild, lean, fine grained but meaty fish. If overcooked it will dry out.

  • Black Sea Bass, Filet

    Black sea bass is a great local option. It is a mildly flavored and tender fish. The flesh is pure white and holds together nicely when cooked and it works very well for whole fish presentations.

  • Monkfish, Filet

    Monkfish (also known as goosefish) is sometimes referred to as poor mans lobster because the tail, the only part consumed, is firm and dense like lobster or scallop; boneless and sweet.

    Fillets tend to curve or roll a little.

  • Grouper Precut, Filet

    Grouper have lean and firm meat. There are multiple species of grouper caught in U.S. waters, but their meat is all very similar with only slight variations between species, size and harvest location.

    Fillets range in size from small (1 lb) to large (above 4 lbs).

  • Sheepshead, Filet Fresh

    The Atlantic sheepshead, named for teeth that resemble those of a sheep, are crustacean specialists. Barnacles and small crabs are their main diet, and their teeth crush these shellfish with great ease. It is nicknamed "convict fish" because of its...

  • Bronzini, Filet

    This is a very lean, delicate and sweet tasting fish. Simple cooking methods work the best.

    Often referred to as Mediterranean Sea Bass, Bronzini is easy to prepare and makes a great menu addition as whole fish!

  • Escolar, Filet

    Escolar is an oil-rich and flavor-intensive fish. It is also known as walu and sometimes incorrectly called white tuna.

    10 to 20 pound loins.

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