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Back to TopEngraulis spp.

AnchovyProduct Profile: The meat of canned anchovy packed in oil is blush red, a result of the four-month salt-curing process. The meat of unprocessed anchovy is gray; it ... more

Arctic Char

Back to TopSalvelinus alpinus

Arctic CharProduct Profile: Most Arctic char is farmed in land-based, closed systems and so there is a low risk of pollution and habitat effects. Closed systems - particularly ... more


Back to TopLates calcarifer

BarramundiProduct Profile: This coastal species is found throughout the Indo-West Pacific, from the Persian Gulf to Southern Japan. The barramundi spends most of its life in ... more
Other Common Names: Giant Sea Perch


Back to TopPangasius bocourti; P. hypophthalmus

BasaProduct Profile: Basa and swai are species of river catfish farmed extensively in Asia. U.S. farmed catfish is considered a better choice because ... more

Black Cod (Sablefish)

Back to TopAnoplopoma fimbria

Black Cod (Sablefish)Product Profile: The major fishery for sablefish in Alaska uses longlines; the effects of longline gear on bottom habitat are poorly understood. Sablefish are also ... more

Black Sea Bass

Back to TopCentropristis striata

Black Sea BassProduct Profile: Black sea bass has a mild, fresh, somewhat delicate flavor and a tender but firm texture. Uncooked flesh should be sparkling white and translucent, ... more


Back to TopPomatomus saltatrix

BluefishProduct Profile: The meat of uncooked bluefish ranges from a light putty color to blue-gray with a brownish tinge. It becomes lighter when cooked. A strong ... more


Back to TopHyperoglyphe antarctica

BluenoseProduct Profile: Bluenose is found on continental slopes and around seamounts in the southern Pacific and Indian oceans, mainly off New Zealand and South Australia. ... more


Back to TopDicentrarchus labrax

BronziniProduct Profile: European sea bass meat is pinkish when raw and cooks up opaque white. The finely textured, flaky meat is lean, with a sweet and mild flavor. ... more
Other Common Names: European Sea Bass, Branzino


Back to TopIctalurus punctatus

CatfishProduct Profile: Raised in closed, inland ponds using recirculated fresh water and fed a primarily vegetarian diet of soybeans, corn and rice, U.S. farmed catfish is ... more
Other Common Names: Channel Catfish

Chilean Sea Bass

Back to TopDissostichus eleginoides
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Chilean Sea BassProduct Profile: Slow-growing fish that breed late in life, Chilean seabass are naturally vulnerable to overfishing. And illegal fishing is rampant, especially in ... more


Back to TopRachycentron canaddum

CobiaProduct Profile: Cobia population levels have not been estimated in recent years. Management measures for cobia include gear restrictions, a minimum size limit, and ... more

Cod, Atlantic

Back to TopGadus morhua
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Cod, AtlanticProduct Profile: The Atlantic cod, is a demersal gadoid species found on both sides of the North Atlantic. In the Northwest Atlantic cod occur from Greenland to North ... more
Other Common Names: Rock Cod, Scrod

Cod, Pacific

Back to TopG. macrocephalus
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Cod, PacificProduct Profile: Found around the rim of the North Pacific, from the Yellow Sea to the Bering Strait, along the Aleutians, and south to about Los Angeles. Rather rare ... more
Other Common Names: Alaska Cod, Grey Cod, Treska


Back to TopIsopisthus parvipinnis

CorvinaProduct Profile: Gulf corvina are found only in the northern Gulf of California. This makes them especially vulnerable to overfishing. Indeed, the population has ... more


Back to TopMicropogonius undulatus

CroakerProduct Profile: Raw croaker meat is usually snow white but may have a reddish tint. The cooked meat is white. Croaker is lean and full flavored, with an almost ... more


Back to TopBrosme brosme

CuskProduct Profile: The cusk's flesh is white when raw and becomes an opaque white when cooked. The meat is firmer and chewier than cod. The flavor is mild and ... more
Other Common Names: Moonfish

Dorade (Bream)

Back to TopSparus auratus

Dorade (Bream)Product Profile: The rosy-colored raw meat turns white when cooked. Dorade, or farm raised Bream, has a moist flesh with a rich, sweet flavor. The texture is firm ... more
Other Common Names: Bream


Back to TopZeus faber

DoryProduct Profile: Most of these fish come from the extreme South Pacific. Found in areas close to the sea bed. Generally a solitary that feeds mainly on schooling ... more

Dover Sole

Back to TopSolea vulgaris

Dover SoleProduct Profile: Few fish command more respect in the culinary circles than the true Dover sole, which yields thin yet firm fillets that hold together well in many ... more


Back to TopSciaenops ocellatus; Pogonias cromis

DrumProduct Profile: The flesh of small, very flesh red drum has an almost emerald-green tint. Meat of larger red drums is white with a red tint. The raw flesh of black ... more


Back to TopAnguilla rostrata

EelProduct Profile: Eel meat has a very firm texture, high fat content and full, distinctive flavor. The raw flesh is gray but turns white when cooked and has a small ... more


Back to Toplepidocybium flavobrunneum

EscolarProduct Profile: Found in Australia, South Africa and both sides of the Central America penisula, our source is principle from Costa Rica, Equdor and Panama. usually ... more
Other Common Names: Walu, Oil Fish, Butterfish


Back to TopPleuronectidae
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FlounderProduct Profile: Flounder is known as a flat fish with two eyes on one flat side which is usually camoflagued, while the underbelly is white. Flounder is harvested ... more
Other Common Names: Yellowtail, Blackback or Winter Flounder or Lemon Sole, Arrowtooth


Back to TopEpinephelus morio; Mycteroperca bonaci
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GrouperProduct Profile: Groupers have a mild but distinct flavor, somewhere between bass and halibut. Red grouper is sweeter and milder than black grouper, and many consider ... more


Back to TopMelanogrammus aeglefinus

HaddockProduct Profile: The haddock, is a commercially-exploited groundfish found in the northwest and northeast Atlantic Ocean. This demersal gadoid species is distributed ... more
Other Common Names: Scrod Haddock


Back to TopHippoglossus stenolepsis

HalibutProduct Profile: Halibut retains its moisture well in frozen state and keeps its texture when cooked. It's a very mild, sweet-tasting, lean fish with fine-grained, ... more


Back to TopClupea harengus

HerringProduct Profile: Fresh Herring ranges from delicately flavored small fish to larger fish with a fuller, "oilier" flavor. Otherwise, flavor and texture depend on how ... more


Back to TopScomber scombrus

MackerelProduct Profile: Mackerel has a rich, pronounced flavor. The meat is soft, flaky and moist. The other bands of dark, strong-tasting meat along the midline may be cut ... more


Back to TopCoryphaena hippurus
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Mahi-MahiProduct Profile: Mahi-Mahi has a sweet, mildly pronounced flavor similar to swordfish. The lean meat is fairly firm in texture, though not steak-like, and it has ... more
Other Common Names: Dorado


Back to TopLophius americanus

MonkfishProduct Profile: The warty brown skin of the monkfish hides tasty fillets of white meat, and monkfish liver is considered a delicacy in Japan and Europe and is often ... more
Other Common Names: Anglerfish

Orange Roughy

Back to TopHoplostethus atlanticus

Orange RoughyProduct Profile: Orange roughy has a mild, delicate flavor and moist, large-flaked meat that holds together well after cooking. Raw orange roughy flesh is pearly ... more


Back to TopTheragra chalcogramma

PollockProduct Profile: The Alaska pollock fishery is the largest U.S. fishery, by volume. Annual catches average 2.5 billion pounds. It is caught primarily in trawl nets ... more
Other Common Names: Pacific Tom Cod

Rainbow Trout

Back to TopOncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow TroutProduct Profile: Rainbow trout meat is mild, with a delicate, nut-like flavor. The flesh is tender, flaky and soft. The flesh of rainbow trout is white, pink or ... more

Red Mullett

Back to TopMullus argentinae

Red MullettProduct Profile: Red Mullet is sold whole and comes froma variety of places around the globe. Spain, Brazil, The Azores are a few of the palces. This fish is small ... more
Other Common Names: Goatfish

Salmon, Atlantic (Farmed and Wild)

Back to TopSalmo salar
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Salmon, Atlantic (Farmed and Wild)Product Profile: Wild Atlantic salmon population levels are very low, and commercial fishing for the species is prohibited. Almost all of the Atlantic salmon sold in ... more

Salmon, Coho

Back to TopOncorhynchus kisutch

Salmon, CohoProduct Profile: Coho salmon are an important species for commercial, recreational, and subsistence fishing. Recreational anglers target coho salmon in both marine ... more
Other Common Names: Silver

Salmon, King

Back to TopOncorhynchus tshawytscha

Salmon, KingProduct Profile: Chinook salmon are an important species for commercial, recreational, and subsistence fishing. Recreational anglers target Chinook salmon in both ... more
Other Common Names: Chinook

Salmon, Sockeye

Back to TopOncorhynchus nerka

Salmon, SockeyeProduct Profile: Sockeye salmon is primarily caught with nets, with some hook and line (trolling) as well. These fisheries generally operate in the water column with ... more


Back to TopAlosa sapissima; Alosa medicoris

ShadProduct Profile: Shad is a regional favorite in the Mid-Atlantic. Since the bginning of colonization of North america, Shad have been seen as a food source. And ... more

Shark, Mako

Back to TopIsurus oxyrinchus

Shark, MakoProduct Profile: Population estimates for Atlantic shortfin mako are uncertain. The latest stock assessment by ICCAT in 2008 indicates that shortfin mako shark may be ... more
Other Common Names: Blue Pointer


Back to TopLutjanus campechanus

SnapperProduct Profile: Red snapper is lean and moist, with a sweetly mild, distinctive flavor. The texture is lean but moist. The superb taste of this fish is evidenced by ... more
Other Common Names: Carribbean Red (Lutjanus purpureus), Lane (Lutjanus synaris), Silk (Lutjanus vivanus), True American Red (Lutjanus camphechanus), Yellowtail Snapper (Ocurus chrysurus)

Striped Bass (Hybrid)

Back to TopMorone chrysops-M. saxatilis

Striped Bass (Hybrid)Product Profile: Striped bass normally live in coastal waters but spawn in freshwater ... more
Other Common Names: Sunshine Bass, Suzuki

Stripped Bass Atlantic (Rockfish)

Back to TopMorone saxatilis

Stripped Bass Atlantic (Rockfish)Product Profile: Striped bass, once heavily overfished, are now at sustainable population levels following the implementation of strict management controls. The ... more
Other Common Names: Stripper, Rock


Back to TopXiphias gladius

SwordfishProduct Profile: Swordfish is moist and flavorful with a slightly sweet taste. Steaks have a moderately high oil content, lending to a firm, meaty texture. The flesh ... more


Back to TopTilapia spp.

TilapiaProduct Profile: The mild, sweet tasting, lean-meated tilapia has a slightly firm, flaky texture. Many compare the mild taste of tilapia to that of another ... more


Back to TopLopholatilus chamaeleonticeps

TilefishProduct Profile: This species is sometimes called the Rainbow Tilefish for its lovely blue, green, rose and yellow coloration. Out of the water, the colors fade. ... more

Tuna, Albacore

Back to TopThunnus alalunga

Tuna, AlbacoreProduct Profile: North Atlantic albacore tuna population levels are low, and international overfishing is occurring. The pacific population levels are high and ... more

Tuna, Bluefin

Back to Tophttp://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/fishwatch/species/atl_bluefin_tuna.htm

Tuna, BluefinProduct Profile: Atlantic bluefin tuna are highly migratory and are fished by many nations. The fishery is managed domestically by the NMFS Highly Migratory Species ... more
Other Common Names: Maguro

Tuna, Yellowfin

Back to TopThunnus albacares
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Tuna, YellowfinProduct Profile: Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty flavor - similar, some say, to swordfish. It's more flavorful than albacore, but leaner than bluefin. The meat is ... more


Back to TopScophthalmus maximus

TurbotProduct Profile: Turbot has gleaming flesh that retains its bright-white appearance when cooked. The firm meat has a large flake and an excellent mild flavor. Like ... more


Back to TopAcanthocybium solandri

WahooProduct Profile: Raw wahoo meat is lighter in color than that of its mackerel cousins and has less of the red muscle meat. The pale-pink flesh cooks up white. Wahoo ... more


Back to TopCoregonus clupeaformis

WhitefishProduct Profile: Whitefish is considered one of the best-eating freshwater fish there is. Because the fish lives in icy northern lakes, the meat has a high fat ... more


Back to TopPolyprion americanu

WreckfishProduct Profile: The only fishery for wreckfish in North America is located in the Atlantic Ocean off South Carolina on the Charleston Bump. The Bump is the only ... more
Other Common Names: Stone Bass, Sea Bass


Clams, Hardshell

Back to TopDissostichus eleginoides

Clams, HardshellProduct Profile: Northern quahogs (or hard clams) are the most likely to be found in fish markets and grocery stores and are the most commonly eaten species of clams ... more

Clams, Soft-shell

Back to TopMya arenaria

Clams, Soft-shellProduct Profile: These clams, native to the Northeast U.S. and introduced to the Pacific Northwest, reproduce quickly. Softshell clams come from coastal fisheries, ... more

Clams, Surf

Back to TopSpisula solidissima

Clams, SurfProduct Profile: Population levels of Atlantic surfclam are high, and no overfishing is occurring. Atlantic surfclams were one of the first species to have a ... more

Crabs, Blue

Back to TopCallinectes sapidus

Crabs, BlueProduct Profile: Meat of the blue crab has a rich, sweet, succulent and buttery flavor. The body meat is delicately flavored, while claw meat is nutty. Softshells ... more
Other Common Names: Hardshell, Softshell, Kani

Crab, King

Back to TopParalithodes camtschaticus

Crab, KingProduct Profile: The red king crab population in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska is abundant and healthy. Crab pots can affect habitat when they settle to the ... more

Crab, Dungeness

Back to TopCancer magister

Crab,  DungenessProduct Profile: The Dungeness crab is the key commercial crab species in the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to central California. It travels to shallow water to molt, ... more

Snow Crabs

Back to TopChionoecetes spp.

Snow CrabsProduct Profile: Snow crab population levels are rebuilding, and overfishing is not occurring. Snow crab are managed using quotas that include shares specifically for ... more

Crabs, Stone

Back to TopMenippe spp.

Crabs, Stone Product Profile: The stone crab fishery is unique in that fishers do not harvest the crabs; rather, the fishers remove legal-sized claws from the animals and then ... more

Lobster, American (Cold Water)

Back to TopHomarus americanus

Lobster, American (Cold Water)Product Profile: Populations of American lobster in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank are healthy and overfishing is not occurring. However, in Southern New England, ... more

Mussels, Blue

Back to TopMytilus edulis

Mussels, BlueProduct Profile: Mussels are cultured throughout most of the world and make up approximately 90 percent of the world mussel consumption. The major producers are ... more

Mussels, Green

Back to TopPerna canaliculus

Mussels, GreenProduct Profile: As with other related species ... more

Oyster, European

Back to TopOstera edulis

Oyster, EuropeanProduct Profile: Traditionally, flat oysters are reputed to have a finer flavor than all other oyster species. Their taste is fairly pronounced, with distinct salty ... more

Oyster, Eastern

Back to TopCrassostrea virginica

Oyster, EasternProduct Profile: The Eastern oyster is known for its distinctive, salty flavor and meaty texture. Oyster meats should be smooth with adequate liquor (store cup-side ... more

Scallops Bay

Back to TopArgopecten irradians

Scallops BayProduct Profile: Mild and sweet, bay scallops are considered the best-tasting of the scallop species. Raw, the lean, cork-shaped meat is translucent, with color ... more

Scallops, Sea

Back to TopPlacopecten megallanicus

Scallops, SeaProduct Profile: The largest commercially available scallops, sea scallops have a sweet, rich taste that ranges from mild to briny. Raw, the drum-shaped meat is a ... more

Shrimp, Gulf

Back to TopFarfantepenaeus aztecus, Farfantepenaeus duorarum, Litopenaeus setiferus
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Shrimp, GulfProduct Profile: Gulf shrimp are generally flavorful and sweet, with slight variations in taste according to the species. Pinks are tender and sweet. Browns are firm, ... more

Shrimp, Tiger

Back to TopPenaeus monodon
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Shrimp, TigerProduct Profile: A Tiger shrimp is a farmed raised product usually from the Indonesian Penisula or mainland China. There are many problems associated with all forms ... more

Crab, Stone

Back to TopMenippe adina and Menippe mercenaria

Crab, StoneProduct Profile: Stone crab population levels are estimated to be high and no overfishing is occurring. The unique manner in which stone crab claws are harvested ... more

Lobster, Spiney (Warm Water)

Back to TopPanulirus argus

Lobster, Spiney (Warm Water)Product Profile: Population levels for spiny lobster are unknown, but overfishing is not occurring in the Southeastern United States. The spiny lobster fishery in ... more



Back to TopLoligo spp, Illex illecebrosus

SquidProduct Profile: The fishery is dominated by small-mesh bottom trawlers that fish throughout the year (inshore during spring through early fall and offshore during ... more


Back to TopOctopus spp.

OctopusProduct Profile: Octopus meat is uniquely textured -- smooth, but with a firm-to-chewy "bite." The animal's diet of high-quality shellfish gives it a mild, sweet ... more