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OceanPro Industries Ltd proactively seeks methods to conduct our business as responsible stewards for the environment. Our company, being a seafood provider, has two areas of responsibilities. The first and foremost is the sourcing of our product and second the environmental impact of our operations. Combined with these concerns are the well being of our staff and the communities around us.

Concerning the source of our products, OceanPro Industries has a long term commitment to seafood preservation. Sustainable seafood comes from fishing practices that allow a depleted source to recover and reach healthy population levels. It further prevents these fisheries from becoming depleted again through a management program, usually done in agreement with the fisherman directly affected. While there is some dispute over how much of our fisheries are properly managed and what is truly affecting the stock sustainability, OceanPro Industries Ltd tries to buy products from a certifiable sustainable source. This is not always possible however, and in those cases where we can not purchase from a certifiable source, we purchase from a legal source and trust the laws of the jurisdiction of the source to help us ensure of its sustainability.

While fish stocks naturally fluctuate in population, scientists throughout the world are constantly monitoring and managing stocks. Over 98% of the top ten seafood products in the United States are from fully sustainable species – these present little problem for us. Rather it is the uncommon species which we strive to determine whether the species is properly managed before engaging in an effort to sell a product. Whenever a customer desires a product which we can not certify as sustainable, we ensure its legality and source specifically for that customer without attempting to increase sales of the product through our traditional efforts.

In addition, OceanPro Industries is committed to operating as a good partner in the world and we demonstrate this commitment through the following methods:

OceanPro Industries strives to be a good corporate partner. We desire to see our planet preserved in as pristine condition as possible and do everything within our physical and economic means to achieve this goal. As President, I can assure you, that all of our practices and procedures have this commitment in mind.

Gregory J Casten

Profish supports the efforts and process which FishWatch maintains in defining the stability of and promoting the virtues of seafood in our diet.