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Crab Prima Star Special Pasteurized

Product #: 55000PS

Scientific Name: Octopoda

Country of Origin: Indonesia

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Blue swimming crab, Portunus pelagicus, is found throughout southeast Asia. It is a cousin of the blue crab found in the Atlantic Ocean. The meat has a slightly different flavor profile and much larger lumps. It is not quite as sweet as domestic, but is firm and has an excellent plate appearance.

Blue swimming crabs are found throughout the Indian and western Pacific Oceans from the Red Sea to Tahiti.

Though the status of Indonesian crab stocks is unknown and fisheries are not well managed, Indonesian crab processors have taken initiative in the last few years and have been moving towards a more sustainable fishery. Following a Marine Stewardship Council pre-assessment the crab processors began to work with local universities and other organizations to collect more and better data on crab populations and fisheries, and agree upon ways to improve the sustainability of the fishery. The U.S. imports a great deal of crabmeat from Indonesia. A number of U.S. importers have joined forces in The Crab Council, which assists with sustainable development of Indonesia crab fisheries. These importers have also pledged to give a portion of their proceeds from crab imports to support further research in sustainability. Members of the Crab Council have all agreed to a minimum size limit and prohibition on purchasing egg-bearing females. In early 2012 the Indonesia government began development of a crab fishery management plan. The gears used to harvest crab in Indonesia, primarily crab pots and gillnets, should have minimal impacts on the seafloor. Both gears may have significant levels of bycatch. Bycatch from crab pots is generally returned to the ocean alive while bycatch from gillnets is often not discarded until the fishermen reach shore, by which time it is dead.

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