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About Us

ProFish is the premier seafood company in the Washington metro area. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the finest, freshest, and safest seafood at the most competitive prices.

Sustainability is the core of our business, and we demonstrate this commitment in everything we do. We proactively seek methods to conduct our business as responsible stewards for the environment, both in the way we source our products and the way we run our business. Click here to read our Sustainability Statement.

We are industry leaders. Our staff has a combined 250 years’ experience in the seafood business. We see our customers as our partners, and we provide unparalleled service and knowledge about the market and the industry.

With a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Washington DC, we service over 2,500 accounts. We maintain a fleet of 24 trucks and employ over 90 people. Our customers extend from New York City to Virginia Beach, from Philadelphia to Washington, DC, and everywhere in between. Our customer base is strong, loyal, and growing every day.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best seafood and service in the business. And if you care about sustainability, you’ve come to the right place. To become a ProFish customer, simply click Register Here to sign up. Welcome aboard!

Our History

ProFish was founded in November 1988 by our company president, Greg Casten. At the time, Greg was a restaurateur frustrated by the lack of high-quality fish in the marketplace. He started ProFish so he could source and serve the best and freshest seafood possible.

In the beginning, ProFish supplied just two seafood restaurants, both of which Casten operated himself. There was one pickup truck, a small 1,000 square foot facility, one 10 x 10 walk–in cooler, no computer, and just two employees.

The company quickly developed a reputation for quality and service, and business started to gain a foothold in the greater Washington DC-seafood market.

Casten brought on a partner, Timothy Lydon, who shared the same ideas and business philosophy. The company grew from there and hasn’t stopped.


That philosophy continues to inform ProFish today. Indeed, it is the cornerstone of our business:

  • We will offer the freshest, finest, and safest seafood available.
  • We will employ sustainable practices in everything we do.
  • We build the business one customer at a time.
  • We will offer extraordinary customer service that sets the tone for the entire industry.

That’s our philosophy, and it’s the reason we are the premier seafood company in the DC area.

Our Unparalleled Customer Service

Without question, our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with unparalleled service is the single biggest reason for our consistent growth. The best evidence of our commitment to this is:

  • Sending orders on the same day
  • Offering Sunday pick up
  • Offering specialty cuts
  • Taking extra care with packaging
  • Employing sustainable practices at all levels
  • Doing whatever it takes for our customers

Expert Purchasing

Purchasing is a critical issue when dealing with seafood. It takes experience to purchase seafood properly and profitably. There are so many factors involved—the season, the weather, consumer trends, competition, quality, source, the handling of the product, etc. There is no substitution for experience when purchasing seafood. We have a combined 250+ years’ experience in the business. We know seafood.

Proper Handling

Seafood is extremely perishable and requires proper handling at all times to ensure the best product. Too many seafood houses do not properly handle seafood. Time and refrigeration are critical to the quality of seafood. In our opinion, the least amount of time between when a seafood product leaves our facility and the time it is consumed directly translates into superior quality. Therefore offering as extensive service as possible—like same-day delivery and Sunday pick up—translates directly into a better product for our customer and the end consumer. We know how to handle seafood.

Meet Our Staff
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Another significant reason ProFish has been able to grow its market share and build a strong customer base is our staff. The personnel at ProFish are hard working, dedicated, company-minded individuals who are dedicated to our sustainable practice and are keenly interested in the operations of the enterprise. Many have been with the company over ten years. Our turnover rate is extremely low. We strive to build a team environment where everyone is an integral component of the business.